Friday, February 26, 2010

Busy Life = Happy Life!

Things have been so busy in our house! Harper is keeping us moving all the time. She is rolling around the house, with no obvious intention of crawling, but she gets where she wants to go! She is constantly saying Dada- and I mean constantly! Every few seconds she screams "Dada?" along with "yayayaya" and "lalalala" etc. She is clapping and she does it averytime we say "Yea!" It is adorable! She waves hello and bye-bye at everyone she meets. Adorable, but a little scary because she is sooo friendly! This could spell trouble for me in the future! She also LOVES to eat (still, so how is she so skinny?). She is eating finger foods now and is picked it up immediately. She has no teeth but she can gum anything! :) She is doing well in daycare. She loves other babies and that helps because when she gets there she just sits down and starts playing. She waves bye-bye to me and turns around to see her "friends". It breaks my heart a little bit but it would be harder on me if she cried. She saw her first snow and played in it with mommy and daddy and she loved it. We had 12.5 inches so we had planty to play with. We built a huge snowman and ate lots of snow. (Like I could keep her from eating anything)
I started back to work and I miss her so much. I love what I do but my perspective has changed since having her. I used to could pull my emotions out of the scenario but now I seem to get more attached to the babies and I am not sure if that is a good thing or not. I find myself wanting to hold these babies and make them feel better from the perspective of a Mama, not a NP and in medicine it is never good to get emotionally attached. I will continue to work to pull personal feelings out of the situations. At least when I get home I know I have this beautiful little girl waiting with arms stretched out waiting for me to pick her up. I am so lucky and I appreciate those days that I am home with her so much more!

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