Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween and all the changes in October

Harper had her first Halloween! We did not go trick-or-treating because she is obviously not going to eat the candy and mama doesn't need it, but she did dress up and greet the hundreds of kids that rang our doorbell. She loved looking at all the colorful costumes- so much that she skipped her late day nap (not so great for mom)! She has also been going through a growth spurt lately. Harper usually sleeps 11-12 hours at a time at night but for about three days she has been waking up after only 6 and starving!!!! (I know I am spoiled but since we have such great nights of sleep 6 hours is brutal!) She is also wanting to eat every 2 hours during the day so it was time for a change. We decided that we would give cereal a try. It was so funny! At first she wasn't sure what it was but then she decided that she liked it and I couldn't get the spoon in fast enough! She was sucking on the spoon (which totally defeats the purpose of trying food) and grabbing the spoon and shoving it in her mouth! I guess she takes after her Daddy because I never ate like that!
She is also staring to squeal which is so fun! I love hearing that sound because she squeals out of delight. I am sure soon enough it will start to make me crazy, especially since the dogs often bark when she squeals, but right now it is my little happy alarm. She smiles all the time and I happen to think she has the most beautiful smile that I have ever seen! We have been working on tummy time, but she still hates it. She loves to sit up though. I feel like my child will never roll over. She will go from laying on her back to sitting to walking and skip crawling and rolling! We will keep practicing though. She loves her toys now. She has a few favorites like the thing that I think looks like and atom and a zebra and a lion toy. I love watching her play with them. She studies them, cuddles them and then tries to eat them! It is amazing how much she is changing. Everyday brings something new!

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  1. What fun times!! It is amazing how the smallest things excite us as mommies! I love to hear about all of it Autumn... so fun!!