Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fever...not again!

We had our 4 month check-up and this time we only got 2 shots but still we had fever. For three days she ran fever ranging from 102-105! I am so tired of this. She did not sleep, she did not eat she just whined. It is so hard being in this business and being a parent. I KNOW what I would tell a parent in this situation, but I cannot give myself that advice. All I know is that my beautiful, happy, sweet baby is miserable. She smiles even though she feels terrible and it makes me cry. At times like this I realize how much I love her. My mom always said that I would understand the term "Mother's Love" one day and she was so right. I now understand why she hovered over me as a child and why she stayed awake at night waiting for me to get home as a teenager. I know why she cried when I moved to college and why she now loves Harper so much. I never thought a love existed like the love I have for Harp. It is because of this love that I will do ANYTHING to make her happy. With that being said, I will now be one of those moms who will make her own immunization schedule. Yes, I know that how many people I told that it was fine to get them all at once, to you all I am sorry! I do not think Harper is permanently harmed by these fevers (to be honest, it distresses me more)but watching your baby hurt and not being able to fix it is the worst thing I have ever felt.
After three days of misery, Harper woke up this morning and her temp was 97.9!!!! Finally!

She still loves her cereal! It is so cute to watch her. She shoves the spoon in her mouth because I am not fast enough. I love it. We started sweet peas as well and she is not as fond of those. She makes a face with every bite, but she still eats them. She tries to gag them out occasionally which makes me laugh but manages to keep them down.
Another milestone is Harper said her first word. At 3 1/2 months old, Harper very clearly started saying "Mama"!!!! I love it. Now she looks at me and says "Mamama" When she is fussy, she says Mama, when she is playing she says Mama and when I walk out of the room, she says MAMA! All of these "Mama's" and I am still not tired of hearing it. (According to my mom, I will get tired of hearing it but I'm not there yet. I still get goosebumps!) She is also lifting her face to yours when you bend down to kiss her. So sweet! She is quickly learing how to get everything she wants. If she stays this sweet Jon and I will have to get 2 or 3 jobs!

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