Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Giant Belly

We took some pictures of my stomach finally! I knew if we didn't I would never believe that I was this huge! It is amazing how much you can stretch. I feel like there is no more room for her to grow but there is so much time left on our clock. We are 35 weeks now and I am almost finished with school. I am doing about 55 hours per week trying to get it done and I am almost there. As long as Harper stays in for 3 more weeks we will be in good shape! Here are some of the pics we took. Amazingly it has only been 3 days since we took these and I am even larger! I am begining to get concerned that I might explode! :)


  1. OK-really you are not that big at all.

  2. Autumn you are beautiful!!! I am so sorry I missed the shower and that I have been MIA. I am so happy to meet Miss Harper when she gets here. I think that is a gorgeous name, by the way. I haope all is well and that Harper stays inside a little longer. Definitely post all of those not so beautiful hospital shots, since unless she is born on July 11-13, I probably won't be there! Good luck. Tell Jon congrats on the job too.