Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Big Girl!

Harper is finally over all the drama! Her eye looks GREAT! Now we are working on growing and having fun. She is so interested in her toys now. She loves the overhead toys on her play mat and her bouncer. She bats at them and is trying to grab them all while squealing and cooing at them. It is so cute to watch- I never thought something so simple could entertain me for hours! She has also started sitting in her Bumbo. She likes it for about 10 minutes and then she's over it. She like to sit and watch TV which is horrible! I am constantly having to move her so that she cannot see the TV- She is just like her parents! She is figuring out that the puppies exist now and that they are interesting. She watches them and smiles at them and will occasionally reach out to touch one if they get close enough.

Sunday she slept in her bed at night for the first time. I put her down at 10pm and she slept all night. No crying or anything- well not from her, I cried for 30 minutes! She has done great every night and I am getting better! :)

I accepted my new job and found out that I won't be starting until January! That is good because I get to spend more time with Harper and I love that but the money would be nice. Here are some pics of Harper in her Bumbo, with her sunglasses, with Nana and getting ready to go walking with mommy!

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